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Indiana LLC Registration

Forming an LLC in Indiana

How does the LLC formation process work exactly? The first step to forming an LLC in Indiana is submitting Articles of Organization to Indiana’s Secretary of State. Next, you’ll likely want to get an EIN, create your operating agreement, open a bank account, and register with key state-level departments. Follow along for a comprehensive guide on Indiana LLC registration.

Below is the process most Indiana LLCs follow for formation:

  • Form and file your Indiana LLC Articles of Organization
  • Pay the filing fee: $98 online, $100 by mail
  • Apply for a free tax ID (EIN) from the IRS
  • Create your Indiana LLC Operating Agreement
  • Open a bank account for your Indiana LLC
  • Register at Indiana’s Department of Revenue
  • Register at Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development

Ready to form your Indiana LLC? At Indiana Registered Agent LLC, our fast formation service gets you up and running with one-day processing! We don’t just file your Articles and call it a day—we provide a comprehensive formation package, with custom documents, a year of a registered agent service and more for just $247, including state filing fees!

What Do I Include in Indiana LLC Articles of Organization?

Indiana LLC Articles of Organization require basic information about your company’s name, office, registered agent, dissolution and management.

Name and Principal Office

You must include “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviated form of these words in your company’s name.

Your name can’t imply your LLC has a different purpose than it really does (no calling your restaurant “Bank of Delicious”). Also, your name can’t already be in use by another entity in Indiana. Check for availability on the Secretary of States’ Public Business Search site.

Your principal office is the main office for your company. This office doesn’t have to be in Indiana.

Indiana Registered Agent Information

An Indiana registered agent has a physical and a mailing address in Indiana and accepts legal documents, service of process, and official notifications for your LLC.

A registered agent is required by Indiana Statute §IC 23-0.5-4-1. States require registered agents because they need to ensure there’s a reliable channel of communication. This benefits both you and the state—the last thing your business needs is to miss a court summons because a process server couldn’t get ahold of anyone.

At Indiana Registered Agent LLC, we’re in the business of providing expert registered agent service. We can provide our service to your Indiana LLC for just $49 a year.


Dissolution is when a business ends its existence. You can choose for your Indiana LLC to be perpetual (meaning it will continue to exist until dissolved). Or, you can choose a date that you’d like your LLC to dissolve.


Your Indiana LLC can be managed in two different ways: by its members or by one or more managers. Managers don’t have to be members of the LLC.

How Do I Submit Indiana LLC Articles of Organization?

You can submit Indiana LLC Articles of Organization to the Indiana Secretary of State either online or by mail. Or, hire us, and we’ll create and submit your Articles as part of our comprehensive formation package.


  • Create an INBiz Account
    To make an account, you’ll need to visit the INBiz website, provide an email address, receive and respond to an emailed verification code, create a password, and provide your name and phone number.
  • Log In and Complete the Articles of Organization
    Choose “Start a New Business.” Under “Domestic Entity Type,” choose Limited Liability Company. Answer the questions about your LLC. You’ll also have the opportunity to add any attachments and provide member information if you’d like. Review and electronically sign your articles.
  • Pay Your Filing Fee
    The online filing fee is $95, plus a $3 service fee. The fee is payable by credit card. The standard processing time is 24 hours.

By Mail

  • Complete the Articles of Organization
    Type your answers before printing or write in ink. Answer the questions about your LLC.
  • Pay Your Filing Fee
    Along with your form, mail a check or money order for $100 to the Secretary of State Business Services Division. The standard processing time is 5-7 days.

Our Indiana LLC Formation Services

At Indiana Registered Agent LLC, our formation package gets rid of all the guesswork—no worries about what you need or what you’ll pay.

No-Hassle Formation

When you sign up for our service, we don’t make you struggle through confusing forms. We ask you a few simple questions about your business. We then create and file your formation paperwork immediately. Our processing time is just one day!


Maintain company privacy and business security by listing our address, not yours. Avoid the junk mail and the hassles that come with putting your personal information on public documents like your Indiana LLC Articles of Organization. We value your privacy and will never sell your information.

Custom Internal Documents

We provide your LLC with the custom internal documents you need for formation and maintenance, such as an operating agreement tailored to your management style, membership certificates, resolutions, forms for capital contributions and more. Forms are pre-filled with current information, and we even provide report reminders to help you stay in compliance.

Everything You Need—Nothing You Don’t

We don’t nickle and dime you for forms or services you don’t need. We also make sure you have EVERYTHING you need for formation, including registered agent services and all the documents needed to open a business bank account.

  • 1-Day Processing
  • Local Filers in Fort Wayne, IN
  • FREE Operating Agreement and Membership Certificates
  • FREE Initial Resolutions
  • FREE Electronic Delivery of Your Documents
  • FREE Pre-Filled Forms in Your Account
  • Instant Access to Services Through Our Secure Online Portal
  • Expert Customer Service Support (Never an Automated Operator!)
  • One Year Registered Agent Service (Renewal at the Same Low Price!)



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Indiana LLC FAQs

After filing your Articles of Organization, you’re still not quite done getting your business off the ground. Below are some common questions about the next steps.

Do I Need an EIN for my Indiana LLC?

Most likely. An EIN (federal tax ID) is required by many banks in order to open a business bank account. You’ll also need an EIN if any of these situations are true for your LLC:

  • You have employees.
  • You file Employment, Excise, or Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms returns.
  • You withhold taxes on income (other than wages) paid to a non-resident alien.
  • You have a Keogh plan.
  • You are involved in a trust, estate, real estate mortgage investment conduit, non-profit organization, farmer co-op, or are a plan administrator.

You can apply for an EIN from the IRS.

Is an Operating Agreement Required for my Indiana LLC?

Although operating agreements aren’t required by law, they are useful documents. In an operating agreement, you can spell out the details of important issues specific to your LLC, such as voting rights and disbursements. A well-written operating agreement offers protection in tough situations like ownership disputes.

With our formation services package, we include a custom operating agreement. We’ve spent years refining and improving our custom documents, so we can provide your Indiana LLC with a truly useful agreement, not just a standard form.

What Do I Need to Open an Indiana LLC Bank Account?

While every bank is a little different, EINs, operating agreements and membership certificates are commonly requested when opening an account. Hire us, and we can provide you with bank-ready custom documents, including an operating agreement and membership certificates.

How Do I Register with Indiana’s Department of Revenue?

Indiana’s Department of Revenue uses an online tax management system called INTax. Create an account to manage your Indiana LLC’s taxes online. There are a variety of Indiana state taxes your LLC may need to manage, such as food and beverage taxes, sales taxes, and withholding.

Is Registration with the DWD Required?

Registration with the Department of Workforce Development is required if your Indiana LLC has employees. Through the DWD website, you can complete reporting requirements and manage unemployment insurance.

What is an Indiana LLC Business Entity Report?

A Business Entity Report ensures that Indiana is up-to-date on your company’s ownership and contact information. You’ll need to submit this report every two years. The report is due the same month your business was first formed. The filing fee is $50 by mail or $32 online through INBiz.

Advantages of an Indiana LLC

Indiana LLCs offer benefits including privacy, simple management and low cost maintenance.

  • Privacy
    Formation documents are a matter of public record, but LLCs offer some advantages for privacy. In Indiana, LLCs aren’t required to list members or managers with the state. Using a commercial registered agent (like us!) will also keep your personal address off of public documents.
  • Easy Management
    There’s a reason LLCs are popular for small businesses—compared to a corporation, LLCs are easier to manage. LLCs don’t have a formal management structure with officers or a board of directors. Instead, an LLC can appoint one or more managers, or members can simply manage themselves.
  • Low-Cost Maintenance
    Indiana’s Business Entity Report is only required every two years instead of annually, and the fee is as low as $32 for online filing.
  • No Double Taxation
    Because LLCs are pass-through entities, they can avoid one of the tax hits that a corporation receives. An LLC’s profits are taxed after distribution to members (on their individual tax returns). Corporations’ income is taxed at the entity-level AND after distribution, a drawback known as “double taxation.”

Put Your Worries to Rest

Your attention should be on the products or services of your new LLC—not the paperwork. We can create and file your Indiana Articles of Organization, provide you registered agent service, include custom internal documents, and more. Sleep easier with our expert formation services package.